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So a Righteous Man is Known By His Works

It has been a busy few weeks as I've been retooling for the summer here in Champaign. I won't be taking any classes, but will be working various positions forty hours a week.

We had another great Metadata Roundtable today, where we continued the discussion of my paper for Topics in Knowledge Representation on Folio Metaphysics. Essentially I decided afterwards that the paper itself is merde (pardon my French), but that's all good. There are several papers buried in the mess and tonight I set off and running exploring where I might go with it. I will be submitting a proposal for next year's VRA conference about the whole-part relationships of "works" as they are represented in VRACore and related things.

I'm now hip-deep into OWL and Protege having completed a few tutorials. OWL seemed a little scary before, but the ah-ha moment came when I realized its exactly what we've been talking about all semester, including many of the formalisms I was trying to write about. At least I feel like I've got Tib by her tail and am feeling motivated to see where this takes me.

Now, back to Ontology Development 101....

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