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And behind door number2? To PhD or not to PhD

For a little more than a year I have been a MLS student at the University of Illinois. Mid-way through completing my degree as a distance education student I decided to accept an on-campus assistanceship. At the time, I saw this as an opportunity to not only complete my MLS, but to also consider pursuing a PhD. Then it was just a thought, but the time for action is quickly approaching.

Between now and January I will be working through the pros and cons of whether to stay and pursue this or move on with my MLS. Earlier this year Meredith posted about her library job search and I thought it would be useful to include the process of my decision here. I'd also love feedback from professionals and faculty out there with opinions about your own choices, good, bad and ugly.


Blogger Miss E said...

i'm applying, if that sways you either way :)

11/09/2005 7:06 PM  

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