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Antioxidants to the Rescue

Antioxidants to the Rescue via Wired News

I've mostly been working with digital preserrvation lately, but this comes as welcome news. The InkCor project is working to neutralize the corrosive destruction caused by inks using iron gall.

From the Ink Cor site
"Libraries, archives and museums worldwide are faced with the immense problem of preserving countless paper documents, endangered by the corrosive properties of iron gall ink. InkCor project aims to significantly improve the present know-how of the phenomenon of ink corrosion and establish best conservation practices for iron gall ink containing documents, enabling their preservation and undisturbed access."

People often think that digitization serves a preservation function. In many cases it's really about access, but digitization snapshots of self-destructing materials like those containing iron gall inks can help in the long term if properly managed and maintained. Good digitization practices can only assist in achieving "undisturbed access."

Nice to see Wired paying attention to non-digital materials.


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