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MCN Young Professionals

At MCN I participated in a roundtable discussion for "young professionals" to discuss some of the challenges they face. One of the reasons I'm in a library program is that there are no formal programs where museum professionals can learn about the application of technology. Sure some Museum Studies programs have begun introducing technology-based courses, but they still only scratch the surface compared to the depth of study in library land.

At the roundtable we discussed both the day-to-day challenges of museum information professionals and some long term needs of better educating ourselves.

To keep the discussion going, the chair has established the Museum Professionals blog. Stay tuned as I'll be contributing to the conversation there.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. Many library programs are working to identify what's needed for digital library curriculm. When I've had the chance I've encouraged them to consider the needs of other cultural heritage professionals who are turning to LIS programs for education. We're already merging our collections in digital spaces, and a true convergence within digital library programs would be welcome. I still say that the cultural heritage community needs to come to this party with a clear articulation of our needs, traditions and values. If library programs are becoming more willing to embrace us, museum studies programs need to to likewise and offer more choices for teaching technology in museums.


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