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Museum Anthro in Mind

Seems like museum folks are starting to come out of the proverbial woodwork...or maybe recent discussions have people thinking. Anyway, here's today's latest museum blog:

Museum Anthro in Mind

What do museums offer?

"Knowledge is now well understood as the commodity that museums offer." (Hooper-Greenhill 1992:2). If museums offer knowledge, it is important to know how this knowledge is approached and conveyed through exhibits.

Anthropology finds itself in an interesting position in the museum world - it can be found in natural history, art, history, natural science, and other types of museums - it can be a hard subject to pinpoint.

This blog seeks to understand the mentality to approaching anthropology in museums, and more specifically, the purpose and structure of ethnographic exhibits.

Issues of the objects and how they are interpreted in museums are central to understanding how the public can best be reached. Forward-thinking is important also, as one considers how new media can be involved to make anthropological objects “come alive.”


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