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del.icio.us and Social Tagging

In the weeks since I've been back from MCN I kept coming back to the STEVE session where I was reminded about del.icio.us. I'm now bouncing between my desktop PC, the PC at work and my iBook - keeping track of bookmarks was just getting silly. I've started migrating things I'm currently using (or will be in the near future) to del.icio.us entries.

In the process I stumbled across citeUlike.org which may solve my other problem - keeping track of resources used in research. The advantage of citeUlike over del.icio.us is that it allows you to export entries as bibTex entries. Since I'm already using JabRef to manage my citations, this sould make life a lot easier. Find it on the web, a quick click to tag it - yoink off the net into JabRef and into a bibliography.

Now, if I can just get that data jack installed in my spinal column...


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