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Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

Apologies for the long lag since the last posting. I honestly had grand plans to spend part of my holiday break spiffy-ing things up here, but a bad case of the flu ate up the timeslots I had available after family commitments.

I'm just back from the NDIIPP partners meeting and getting ready to start the new semester.

On deck for this spring:

Storytelling - What does this have to do with digital stuff? Nothing! or at least very little on the surface. But much of what we do, from grant writing to confernece presentations is all about telling the story of our work (not to mention blogging!). This has come as a highly recommended course here at GSLIS, and I'm really excited to have something a little different on my plate.

Museum Informatics - This course was one of the main reasons I decided to come to UIUC, and I'm glad it's being offered before I leave. It's been gathering dust since Paul Marty left for Florida. This will be another course that continues to evolve through input of students during the semester. I'm looking forward to contributing my experience and also having the oppotunity to do some more research in the area.

Metadata in Theory and Practice - After last semesters exploration of traditional lirbary cataloging I'm looking forward to getting back to metadata. Somehow I feel more comfortable working in this area rather than trying to navigate through AACR2 rules. I'm glad they are there, and rules are still critical for metadata. I'd rather be manipulatinng the rules that others have applied. More opportunities to flex my XML muscles and an opportunity to work with the father of METs, Jerry McDonough.

Knowledge Representation - Will be a small seminar exploring the semantics and logic of XML markup and document structures. This will probably be the most challenging class this semester. I've been encouraged to drag out my symbolic logic textbook from 1991. This will add a nice theoretical dimension to the other practical work I'll be doing this semester.

I will be continuing as a GA on the UIUC NDIIPP project. We've gotten over some of the initial hurdles of setting up DSpace, Fedora, etc. and will be getting down to serious evaluation of the various repositories.


Anonymous Mark said...

Hey Richard,

Storytelling was awesome! I had it on-campus with Betsy. Nothing to do with my direct career goals, but as you say pretty much everything is storytelling.

I'll see you in Metadata; definitely looking forward to it.

I had intended to just sit in on KR, but I work until 9 PM the night before so I don't know how motivated I'll be to attend a 9 AM class I don't HAVE to be at.

I'm also taking Cat & Class II and Indexing & Abstracting.

1/13/2006 11:48 AM  

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