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Hurricane Digital Memory Bank

The folks at the Center for History and New Media launched a new prjoject this week in order to capture first-hand accounts, images, e-mails, audio, etc. related to recent hurricane disasters.

With so many people creating digital images or relying on digital media for correspondance its all at risk of being lost, especially since most of us haven't implementted fail-safe digital preservaion strategies at home. CHNM's earlier 9/11 Digital Archive has already proven invaluable as a collection of collective memory.

The Hurricane Digital Memory Bank already has a growing collection of materials, some contributed by users and others contributed through partnerships with museums and media organizations. The site also uses Google Maps to geolocate submissions.

I'm continually impressed by CHNM's can-do attitude and ability to just get stuff done. I wish them the best of luck in this new endeavor.


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