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The current issue of D-Lib Magazine includes Folksonomies: Tidying up Tags?. I had just been playing around earlier this week with Tag Cloud (which BTW, doesn't seem to be working for the FeedBurner URL I submitted). The article included a link to extisp.icio.us which I used to generate the cloud above. I've been in love with this kind of visualization ever since learning about TextArc last spring.

I'd love to get hold of some collections management data to see what this kind of visualization could tell us about a collection. Extisp.icio.us also runs an image search, which wasn't quite as interesting as the tag cloud. But if tags could be tied to images in a collection db it could be interesting - or for example if a similar search worked on aggregated OAI records.


Blogger Lisa said...

That would be great - I'd love to see the tag cloud for the museum where I work. Interesting post.

1/19/2006 4:35 AM  

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